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Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are a relatively new class of drugs that connect to your body’s androgen or male hormonal agent receptors. They have anabolic, or muscle-building, homes, however unlike steroids they target particular types of tissues, click here


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Back Pain - Slipped Disc

"Having suffered a severe back injury commonly described as a slipped disc, I tried numerous sessions of Physiotherapy and Chiropractic which at best gave very temporary relief, before reading an article about the Bowen treatment.

Having got to the point where I was prepared to try anything as the severe pain continued, I went along to Jane Thomas a Registered Bowen Practitioner.

The effect was miraculous. I felt tired and stiff after the initial treatments but the pain started to go. I have no idea how the therapy works and can only describe when being treated as being aware of 'something happening' akin to increased blood flow and awareness in the areas being treated.

At the risk of embarrassing her Jane is also a lovely person, funny and able to put people at their ease whilst being at all times the consummate professional.

After nine months of treatment my back has improved dramatically. There is no magic bullet, it takes time and I still have treatment every three weeks or so simply because it helps.

I would recommend the Bowen therapy and of course Jane in particular, to anyone suffering back pain.''

Gary Newton

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General Heath Problems

I have tried many therapies and for me Bowen works best. Jane is knowledgeable and friendly and makes you feel at ease .

Bowen is very relaxing whilst helping with many health problems, both physical and mental.
Thank you Jane for helping me with my many health problems and giving me a better quality of life.

May Robinson

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I have had Sinusitis for as long as I can remember and have never done any thing about it.

A friend of mine recommended the Bowen technique after she had had treatment to relive migraine headaches.

I researched it on the internet and found Jane's website.
It took several treatments at weekly intervals but I can now breath so much better
and I don't sound as thought I have a cold all the time!

Mary Allen

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Frozen Shoulder

I came to Jane in desperation, after being recommended cortisone injections for a stubborn frozen shoulder. The symptoms had persisted for around nine months and as I do decorating for a living I was finding it difficult to keep going.

The treatments always made me feel groggy afterwards and I needed eight in total because I was still using the arm and trying to work.
But one day the pain had "just gone" and so far I'm still pain fee.

I still have a Bowen treatment from time to time when I feel a bit stiff, because I really don't want the pain and restriction to come back again.

Don Milner

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I am a taxi driver and I've been getting pains in my lower back and down my right leg for months.

My GP prescribed anti inflammatories but these make me feel queasy.
I saw Jane's advert in our local magazine and decided to give it a go.

It only took three treatments and I'm pain free - marvellous!

Bradley Collins

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Knee Problems

I'm a keen gardener and I love my flowers, but I do spend a lot of time kneeling and although I use a kneeling pad my knees get stiff and swollen.

I am diabetic and my daughter-in-law recommended I try the Bowen Technique.
I found Janes number in the yellow pages and it has made a huge difference too my knees.

Isobel O'Donell

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