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Swedish Holistic Massage
Jane has an ITEC Diploma Level 3 in Holistic Swedish massage and Anatomy - Physiology, Qualifying July 2004.
Massage is wonderful for nurturing and stress release. Toxins are released from tired muscles and the whole effect is soothing and relaxing. The skin is stimulated and feels fresher, aromatherapy oils nourish the skin and enhance that soothed and relaxed feeling. The lymphatic system, which is so vital to maintaining our bodies health, is helped and stimulated to greater function using informed massage techniques.

Jane is a Reiki 2 Attuned Reiki healer. I received Reiki healing myself and was impressed by its soothing qualities. Once attuned it is easy to give Reiki, people and animals alike seek the energy and only receive as much Reiki energy as they require. Reiki is completely safe for all requiring no touch or just a very gentle holding of hand's over the area, person, animal, plant, or any that lives.


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