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Your Bowen Technique Treatment can be done thought light, loose clothing, most therapists will treat this way. Sometimes you may need to remove a garment to help the therapist hit the right spot. It is how ever easier for the therapist if you do remove clothing.
The treatment room has a comfy treatment couch and you will be covered in towels and kept warm and cosy.
The Bowen technique treatment is maximized by the therapist doing a few moves and then leaving the room! The treatment continues in this way ("this is when the real healing begins").

The treatment will continue to work every day for up to seven to ten days after your treatment, so it really is a unique trigger being "put in" to your body by your therapist.
The moves are done with a light touch and a gentle pace so it suitable for babies, the very poorly and the elderly, as well as being effective for sporting injuries incurred by the fit and active.

Because of the unique moves and the way it sets your body up to communicate with itself, it is imperative not to mix other therapies with your Bowen technique treatments! READ MORE...
Wait seven to ten days after your last Bowen treatment and then of course enjoy the delights of the many other relaxing therapies .

It is impossible to predict how many treatments each individual will need but between two to four maybe a good general estimate. We give you a glass of water to drink after your treatment, we recommend you check your water intake and make sure you do drink enough. One and a half litres of water a day would be good for your body to hydrate all the cells and help your systems eliminate toxins which could result in less headaches and feelings of tiredness. Treatments will last a very short time for babies and the very frail, to a maximum of forty five minutes. Treatments are booked by the hour to allow for a thorough consultation time before and after treatment.
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