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All Bowen moves done around a joint directly affect the joint capsule and ligaments. The nervous system receives the stimulus to make joint function. Bowen moves are done so that they affect the relation between fascia and the nerve , muscle or tendon being mobilised. Scientific research shows that the Bowen move stimulates the stretch reflex informing the nervous system about the, musculo-tendinous tissue in the muscle.  Fascia is involved in muscle coordination, postural alignment and structural and functional integrity.

Injury causes fascia to stiffen, contract and dehydrate. Following Bowen it has been researched that adhesions will loosen, scar tissue soften, posture and mobility improved. Bowen triggers the body's self healing mechanisms. When we are under stress in our every day lives the Autonomic Nervous System is over stimulated to heal us. Bowen stimulates the Parasympathetic Nervous System to rebalance and become more dominant hence during treatment people will sleep, respiration and heart rate has been proven to slow down which will improve recovery rates. Most moves overlap acupuncture points and some actually cross two or three acupuncture meridians at once.

The overlap of acupuncture points and the Bowen Technique could explain the very strong energetic components of the technique and its effects on the internal organs. Neuro-Lymphatic reflex points regulate the Lymphatic System. Many Bowen moves overlap the location of these points. This stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems and improves the removal of toxins from the cells of the body.
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