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The Bowen Technique is a system of gentle and relaxing muscle manipulation moves, designed to encourage the bodies innate healing ability.

Most people think Bowen is a form of massage when in fact it is far from it, "Bowen Therapy is not a constant hands-on therapy but quite the opposite". Bowen Therapy actually consists of very light and short procedures followed by short breaks. These Breaks are one of the most distinguishing characteristics of the Bowen Technique and one of the most important too. READ MORE... "What is the Bowen Technique?"

The break gives the body time to memorise and workout the pattern of procedures performed. The body does this because all of the Bowen moves stimulate activity in the neuromuscular system, "Teaching the body to heal itself".

We use our hands, thumbs and fingers moving over the muscle taking skin slack back and challenging the muscle, rolling back down over the muscle completes the procedure. Treatments using Bowen therapy aims to support the natural healing capabilities of the body. 
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