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Bowen Treatments

The Bowen Technique begins to take effect from the very first move.
Treatment must be delivered calmly and with care to allow the body
to accept the therapist and the therapy.

The Bowen Technique works by the moves causing  vibration within the muscle which is detected by the neurological system "nerve endings".

These nerve endings - of which there are millions - then transmit there findings to the brain and it is the brains job to make sense of it all.
The brain is then "triggered" into "unravelling" abnormalities it has detected which is the key to the Bowen Technique.
The "unravelling" is done layer by layer and each individual brain and body must work at their own pace.

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The Treatment

Firstly I will go through with you the information you have given me in the client consultation form. This enables me to form a profile of you from which your treatment will develop. Checking your medical history and suitability for treatment.
The Bowen technique can be applied through thin light loose clothing by an experienced therapist, obviously it is easier for the therapist to work on bare skin, but it is an excellent test of a therapist's "feel" to be accurate and perform a classic Bowen move through clothing.

There are exceptions where the therapist may need to work directly on your skin. In these cases towels are used


Treatments are booked by the hour to allow for consultation time before and after treatment the treatment itself will last between 30 and 45 minutes. You may need between two to four treatments at weekly intervals. Some people may require more, we treat the person as a whole not just the condition.

Children enjoy receiving The Bowen Technique because the moves are not prolonged, which means they don't have to keep still for very long! Every effort is made to ensure children are relaxed.
Therapists are practiced in delivering Bowen to children sitting on mums lap or indeed babies cradled in mums arms. The children tend to have a more immediate response, therefore they soon welcome the therapy for its effects. Children are always treated with the parent present.

The Elderly and those who are Frail through illness or terminal illness what ever there age greatly benefit from the Bowen Technique. Treatment is modified in these cases and will only take a short time to deliver.
The Bowen Technique is flexible enough to be delivered to the client in many positions

Pregnancy. The Bowen Technique is safe to use after the first 3 months of pregnancy, (and during birth) it is important for the therapist to know if you are pregnant so that they don't treat you during the first 3 months of your pregnancy, after this the Bowen technique is invaluable in ironing out aces, pains and twinges felt as the mothers body changes to accommodate the growing baby. The therapist will adapt the treatment specifically for pregnancy and you will be treated sitting in a chair or lying on your side - to be as comfortable as you can be.

The treatment room is warm and private with soft lighting.
The Bowen technique is carried out in a quite relaxed atmosphere to maximize the affects of the treatment.

Responses during during a treatment may include

Feeling the practitioners hands are still on you after they have left the room!

Feeling hotspots, tingling along nerve pathways or just that something seams to be happening to my legs, arms, neck etc

Because the Bowen technique is an holistic therapy you my also feel changes on an emotional level.

All change is good change even if you may feel tired or achy after a treatment. This is just an indication that you should rest and take care of your self whilst the healing continues.

You will be given a glass of water to drink before you are allowed to leave the treatment bed. This will help clear the toxins stimulated in your system by the treatment, you will be given aftercare support to phone with any concerns .

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