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Aged 7 years.

  • Started training with Maldon town football club aged 5 and a half years age.
  • Also Maldon PASS (professional active soccer skills) aged 5 and a half years.
  • Selected to go to PASS academy, Billericay for three months.
  • Scouted from there to train with Chelsea youth development centre. Red Bridge.
  • November 2006 Selected to play against Charlton athletic under sevens at the first team training ground south east London.
  • June 2007 Selected to further development with Chelsea at Dartford.
  • September 2007 Full seasons under sevens Maldon town football club youth team Started under eights Maldon Town youth team backwater division one

This is an impressive CV for someone who isn't even eight years of age! Jack has a clean bill of health and has remained injury free. He plays at least one match a week along with two training sessions per week. Recently he experience slight twinges in his hamstrings. It was thought that the Bowen technique would provide an appropriate support for him as he pursues his football carrier and continues to grow.

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37 year old woman

Diagnosed as suffering from marfans syndrome. Symptoms include joint pain and weakness. She is six foot tall and is a nurse. The lifting involved in nursing puts a strain on her lower back and she damaged her left shoulder whilst lifting a patient, resulting in surgery on the rotator cuff, removing the Acromion. Phillipa had been suffering a lot of lumber and sciatic pain along with the joint pain she always experienced all over her body. The shoulder pain was sporadic, depending upon how much lifting of patients she did. After the first treatment Phillipa reported that her general joint pain felt 80% better! Subsequent treatments concentrated on her shoulder, lumber and sciatic pain, this was on going due to the re-injury situation of frequently lifting patents, but treatment did offer enough relief for Phillipa to continue her work.

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48 year old man

A keen "fly fisher" in his late forty's and had an RSI type injury. He had a fishing trip to Scotland booked in five weeks time and wanted to be able to enjoy the fishing. Currently he was wearing a support on his arm and was unable to cast his line.
Allan received five treatments prior to his fishing trip and was able to enjoy his fishing fully. He came for one treatment on return from the fishing trip to help prevent further injury.

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62 year old woman

Suffered  lymphedema in both legs following treatment for cancer nineteen years ago. Her groin areas and ankles were very painful although she found all touch painful.
Sarah found it difficult to relax to start with, remaining tense with shallow breathing for the first two treatments. Because she found touch painful the treatment was given very lightly. after the second treatment Sarah said "she was floating on air". When she arrived for the third treatment Sarah reported no leg pain with lymphedema for five days, she had taken no pain killers and had not worn support stockings.

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