What Are SARMs?

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are a relatively brand-new class of drugs that attach to your body’s androgen or male hormone receptors. They have anabolic, or muscle-building, properties, however unlike steroids they target specific kinds of tissues,

What is the Equine Bowen Technique?

Equine Bowen was adapted and devised by Beth Darrel after she was trained as a Bowen technique therapist with Julian baker principle and founder of the European collage of Bowen studies. 
For Beth it was a natural transition to work towards applying Bowen therapy to horses. Using many influences she worked closely with a vetenary surgeon "Nigel Dodnam" MRCVS and BHS Instructors to comprehensively and effectively compile this bodywork for equines.
Beth now trains many people in equine Bowen therapy and also provides workshops for the continual training (see links) of qualified therapists. It is a qualification of entry onto Beth's detailed and thorough courses that all Equine Bowen Therapy practitioners (EBT) be human Bowen qualified and hold a diploma in human anatomy and physiology.

This insures the practitioner has a thorough knowledge of the Bowen technique and its effects. All training courses take a minimum of one year to complete and involves
compiling twenty equine case studies.
Training covers a broad spectrum of subjects:

  • Equine Anatomy and Physiology
  • Confirmation - Static and Dynamic
  • Ailments and conditions Assessing
  • Lameness Care and Management
  • Signs of Good and Bad Health
  • Saddle and Tack fitting
  • Understanding Equine Behavioural Priority's

How the Treatment Works -


The course involves vets and other experts within there field relating to equines.
This enables the practitioner to be highly competent and skilled.

Equine Bowen Therapy (EBT) helps all horse's and ponies of all types and standards. Every Equine will benefit form EBT. Small ponies which won't canter or jump may well be experiencing pain or discomfort with could be relived by a course of EBT.
Likewise, your trusty hack who has become irritable when groomed or difficult for the farrier to shoe may well be feeling sore over the back.


EBT is and excellent tool as an integral part of fittening horses ether from being rested from injury or from increasing the work load with the competition in mind.
Recovery from injury is helped due to the way the treatment works to promote the body to self heal.
Mares being prepared for breeding and after they have foaled greatly benefit from EBT. Initially it adds balance and wellbeing to the mare and skeletal alignment giving the best possible chance of conception - through to helping the mare to cope with strain of birthing, realigning her body again and helping to ensure good quality milk production.

The Benefits for the Rider

  • Position in the Saddle
  • Balance and Feel
  • Joint Mobility
  • Improved Performance
  • Help you absorb the shock from a fall
  • Help Prevent Injury
  • help improve recovery time from injury
  • Any correction to the horse will not hold unless the rider is balanced also.

If you are investing in Bowen Therapy for your horse it would be worth considering Bowen therapy for yourself also. If you have been having problems with your horse on turns and circles, canter lead, jumping, or you can't get the paces just right consider your own balance and feel in the saddles.
Your Equine Bowen Therapist has rebalanced and aligned your horse, you can feel the difference in his responses and paces, imagine the difference again if you felt as balanced and supple as your horse does now! It doesn't matter whether your enjoyment is hacking round the countryside or speeding round Badminton horse trials, the benefits are just as exciting.

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