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Equine Rehabilitation
Equine Bowen Therapy is an excellent tool in circumstances of equine rehabilitation where horses have huge emotional as well as physical issues. Horses are governed largely by emotion, so it is important for the horse to balance there emotional issues which is an enormous release for them. The physical release then follows on from this, balancing the musculoskeletal and then influencing general health and well being.
The horse is now best placed to address issues under saddle, so long as the rider is taking the holistic approach to there riding and they are in total connection with there own balance and feel. Jane works closely with Emma Pleasant founder of ABC Equine at their facilities in Tiptree.

Which include Stables, 15 acres of large paddocks for turn out, show jumps and sand arena all close to good hacking in the countryside.
Horses started and Rehabilitated here are given the complete ABC Equine holistic approach.
This includes spook busting, problem solving, addressing loading issues, jumping problems, horses which are difficult to mount and dismount, leading issues, starting and training young horses.

This is such an important and influential time for a young horse. There future is literally made or broken at the starting phase.

The term "Breaking-in" is so opposite to intention. You are striving to make a horse whole in every way in order that they are confidently equipped to deal with living along side the human race in the 21st century

Horses for Sale and Livery services
A full after sale and livery service is available, offering full support and guidance with your new horse and if you desire your riding carrier

Instruction (Teaching the training and riding of horses)
Jane draws on her years of experience as a British Horse Society Intermediate Instructor. She combines this thorough grounding with holistic influences and simple techniques learned to help teach the rider how to understand and enjoy their horses, allowing them to take their riding abilities forward to greater achievement.



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