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ESEBT director Beth Darrell studied extensively using many influences to devise this system of work for use on horses.
Veterinarians and British Horse Society Instructors have been closely involved in the development and creation of Equine Bowen Therapy. Read more...

Equine Bowen TherapyFor the Horse
The Technique works by unpeeling the layers of tension, stress, emotion, and congestion. Releasing muscle, circulation, lymphatic drainage and digestion. Improving the bodies functions right down to cell level so the whole horse is stimulated to greater function from the brain right down to the feet.

Muscle, tendon, ligament and connective quality can all be maximized using EBT in conjunction with a fittening or competition program. Used muscles are triggered to greater function improving performance and recovery rates. EBT works at its best when used as a PREVENTIVE to injury. Therefore due judicious use of the therapy for performance horses can reduce time spent out of work recovering from injury

The Bowen Technique is a unique therapy which has been adapted very favourably and sympathetically for use on horses.
Horses are invited to receive the therapy and are not forced to, which allows the treatment to be highly effective.
Equine Bowen Therapy is a unique system of gentle muscle release body work and much much more. With the animals emotional release playing a big part in their healing which then has every influence on there physical healing by allowing the release of the muscle tensions.

Bowen for Horse RidersFor the Rider
Riders will benefit from total realignment also. If your horse has been treated using EBT, you will feel your imbalances even more because your horse will be straight and balanced and you won't! Your stiffness and misalignment will start to unbalance your horse again and the vicious circle is complete!
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