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Equine Treatments

The Bowen Technique begins to take effect from the very first move.
Treatment must be delivered calmly and with care to allow the horse
to accept the therapist and the therapy.

The Bowen Technique works by the moves causing  vibration within the muscle which is detected by the neurological system "nerve endings"

These nerve endings - of which there are millions - then transmit there findings to the brain and it is the brains job to make sense of it all.
The brain is then "triggered" into "unravelling" abnormalities it has detected which is the key to the Bowen Technique.
The "unravelling" is done layer by layer and each individual brain and body must work at their own pace.

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The Treatment

I will run through the equine consultation form with you to gain a profile of your horse, checking your veterinary referral details and Assess your horses static and dynamic confirmation i.e.
See walked, trotted and turned about in hand.
I will run my hands over the horse to continue my assessment feeling for lumps, bumps, sore, tender and hot spots.
A quiet stable yard will be required to treat the horse. (preferably his own stable.)
There should be fresh water in the stable.
The owner to be present and to hold the horse as necessary.

The treatment will take approximately one hour but the horse will dictate the treatment and pace of the treatment.
During treatment I will come out of the stable for a few minutes between series of moves. This is called the breaks and it is during this time the real healing begins.

Aftercare support and advise is provided after treatment, this is also available for download in the "Equine Appointments" section.

For the Rider

Having opted for the Bowen Techniques unique balancing approach for your horse you will feel your own imbalances and misalignments much more when you ride following there EBT treatment. Your horses movement will be free and straight, they will feel more supple and responsive to your aids. You intern maybe a little stiff in the hips or shoulders and may not be quite so relaxed and soft in the saddle. From the horses point of view you will feel clumsy and slow to respond - I know that's how we often view our horses!
Because we sit on our horses we very quickly upset there fine balance, they will shift their weight to compensate, setting up those irregular stress and strains again.
The Bowen Technique can help balance the rider, improving suppleness, feel and response. This is performance enhancing and also helps to prevent injuries incurred due to the bodies imbalances and helping reduce recovery time should injury occur. Correct riding can be achieved by constant emphasis on balance and feel. Treat yourself to a Bowen Technique Treatment also and you will both enjoy the riding experience so much more. Read the "Benefits for the Rider"

Equine Responses

Responses during a treatment may include

  • Moving away from the therapist for a few minutes and then moving back when they feel ready for more treatment.
  • Turning to look at or even bite at areas just worked or "triggered".
  • Yawning, Licking and chewing.
  • The horse's eyes may become cloudy and they may have a "far-away" look in the eye.

The coat may become starring or even stripy during a treatment! Both eyes and the coat change to healthy by the end of the treatment and continue to change and improve in lustre and texture during the week between treatments.

The horse may present the side and position they best want the treatment and signal where they don't that day also.
These are just a few of the responses the horse may show during the treatment.

Treating animals is all about listening to them, which greatly maximises the effectiveness of the treatment. It is beneficial to the horse to drink fresh water during and after the treatment and to be given the opportunity to move about calmly after a treatment to allow the body to read "the re-adjustments" being made by itself and to release those toxins which have been stimulated.

You will be given after care advise which will include support to phone with any concerns or to consult your veterinary surgeon

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