What Are SARMs and How Do They Work?

SARM represents selective androgen receptor modulator, and it’s a kind of drug that’s chemically similar to anabolic steroids.

There are many SARMs on the marketplace, and some are more powerful and have a greater threat of negative effects than others. Learn More

Equine Conditions and Responses

When you ask your Bowen Therapist what does EBT it treat? You will probably still be listening to the answer half an hour later! Its a hard one to define. Although you or I will consider the "cold back, stiff neck, or fidgety horse" the problem, the horse and the Bowen Therapy itself wont see the problem that way at all! What you are seeing is purely a symptom and your horse and Equine Bowen Therapy know best what the cause of the symptoms is and how best to treat it.
Below is a list of Equine conditions, this in not a list of conditions that can be cured with EBT, it is a list of conditions that can be safely treated with EBT. There are no contra indications and every animal will benefit in some way from Bowen therapy.

Musculoskeletal Conditions

Gynaecological Conditions

  • Conceiving and Foaling
  • Foals
  • Mare after Foaling

It is a legal requirement that your horse is passed by your Vet as suitable to receive EBT.

Veterinary referral is required before your horse can receive EBT.
See Consultation and Referral forms on appointments page.

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