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Equine Appointments

If you are considering having Equine Bowen Therapy it is important to fill in your Equine Consultation Form for the practitioner.
This can be downloaded in either PDF or Word file format located just bellow the treatments fees area.

The Equine Client Consultation Form details necessary information enabling the practitioner to build a profile before treatment begins, including veterinary approval etc.

Treatment Fees

  • £55.00 per treatment.
    Travelling costs will incur beyond a twenty five mile distance.

Out of courtesy please give 48 hours notice of cancellation prior to any treatment, please ring the clinic to cancel. Contact Jane
Failure to do so will result in the full fee being invoiced.

Download Forms

Equine Consultation Form
Download in PDF or Word File Format

Equine Aftercare Form
Download in PDF or Word File Format

Equine Veterinary Referral Form
Download in PDF or Word File Format

Download PDF & Word File Viewers

Adobe Acrobat Reader
MS Word Viewer

How to Book - Contact Jane

To book an appointment please contact Jane Thomas:

Willow Cottage: 01787 220 260

Mobile: 07802 756 017

Email: [email protected]

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