Tendon Injuries

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Usually tendons are short and rarely are damaged, but the long tendons of the limbs are vulnerable. Tendons are strap like structures that attach muscles to the bone on which they act. The fibres in the tendon are delicate and can easily tear in an unfit horse. A direct blow will also case a significant tendon injury. Tendons can be over stretched usually when doing something strenuous i.e.: galloping, going fast on rough ground, jumping and changes of direction at speed. The horse can do this damage in the field also. A horse that is not fit enough for the job it is being asked to do is vulnerable to tendon injury.
The Flexor Tendons, Deep Digital Flexor Tendon and Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon run down the back of the leg fro the level of the knee or hock. Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon ends on the pastern, the Deep Digital Flexor Tendon ends on the lower surface of the Pedal Bone. At the back of the knee, in the region of the hock and at the level of the Fetlock and Upper Pastern the Tendons are wrapped by a fluid filled sheath. Several strong, short, Annular Ligaments helped to keep the Tendons in place in areas of high movement such as joints. Injuries involving Tendon Sheaths a very serious as infection in these structures is potentially life threatening.

Equine Bowen Therapy and the treatment of Tendon Injuries

Following Vetenary care Equine Bowen Therapy can be a useful tool in the healing of tendon injuries and the prevention of further injury. The therapy stimulates the systems to greater activity encouraging the circulatory system to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the cells for repair and encouraging the lymphatic system to greater efficiency in helping remove toxins and debris from the damaged area. The bodies muscles re soothed with Bowens muscles release abilities to help the horse cope with the imbalances of lameness and injury.

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