Equine Arthritis DJD - Degenerative Joint Disease

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The term arthritis is often used to cover range of joint stiffness which may not be true arthritis. Joint damage will cause inflammation, swelling and pain. Bony changes will start to occur which may also restrict joint movement. This will over time gradually change the way the horse moves putting unnecessary strain on other joint and muscles to compensate. Restricted gait will cause involved muscles to atrophy as they are used less in an effort not to flex the joint so much.

Signs of Arthritis

Joint inflammation increases the amount of fluid in the joint this is usually visible as a palpable bulge of the joint capsule, the swollen joint may be warm to the touch. Not all joint swellings are due to arthritis, in arthritis there is pain when the joint is flexed and the horse may be lame.
In acute arthritis caused by infection (Septic Arthritis) Inflammation is usually severe along with pain and lameness. This condition can cause severe destruction of join surfaces.
With DJD and Chronic Arthritis joint mobility is reduced but there may not be pain on flexion of the joint. There may be lameness which has gradually worsened over time or lameness which improves with exercise

Equine Bowen Therapy and the treatment of Arthritis

Equine Bowen Therapy acts to release tension in muscles, along with triggers to encourage blood and lymph flow to help nutrients get to all the bodies cells and increase toxin removal. This will help the general health of joints and muscles resulting in the horse coping better with joint conditions. Equine Bowen Therapy is a useful compliment to vetenary care where a correct diagnoses and pain relief will be a priority.

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