Hamstring Injuries

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The Hamstrings are made up of four muscles, Semimembranosus, Semitcndinosus, Biceps Femoris, and Gastrocnemius, which attach to the lower edge of the pelvic frame at the ischial tubcrosity, the sitting bones .These take a considerable strain during many sporting activities and need to be developed as conscientiously as the "Quads" often are.

The hamstring muscles actively bend (flex) the knee. They also act to straighten or (extend) the hip (as in the motion of moving the thigh backwards). Surprisingly, these large muscles are not very active with normal walking or standing. However, they are extremely important in power activities such as running, jumping, and climbing. Thus, sedentary individuals can get by with quite weak or de-conditioned hamstrings, whereas athletes and very physically active individuals absolutely depend on healthy, well-conditioned hamstrings.

Causes of Hamstring Injuries

Injuries usually occur with sudden lunging, running or jumping resulting in muscle injury. Oftentimes a "pop" is heard or felt by the injured athlete. A variable amount of pain is experienced. The athlete is usually unable to continue and oftentimes cannot even stand.

Symptoms of Hamstring Injuries

Examination of the individual reveals spasm, tightness, and tenderness. With more severe injury, swelling and a black and blue or bruised appearance will follow. In some cases, a palpable defect (detectable by touching) will be present in the muscle. Tears and strains most often occur at the middle of the back of the thigh where the muscle joins its tendon or at the origin of the hamstring at the base of the buttocks (at the ischium).

Bowen Therapy and the Treatment of Hamstring Problems

Bowen Therapy offers a wide range of body work over the muscles of the legs including a procedure specifically involving the "hamstring" set of muscles. Along with other rebalancing procedures the work used for hamstring problems acts as a prevention of injury and a performance enhancer, affording greater flexibility within this set of muscles following a treatment enabling all kinds of sports people to report that they perform to a consistently better standard.

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