Groin Strain

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This is a tear or rupture to any one of the adductor muscles. There are five Adductor muscles, the Pectineus, Adductor Brevis, Adductor Longus (called short adductors which go from the pelvis to the thigh bone) Gracilis and Adductor Magnus (long adductors which go from the pelvis to the knee).

The main function of these muscles is to pull the legs together. They are also used quite a lot in sprinting, playing football, horse riding and hurdling. A rupture or tear in the muscle usually occurs when sprinting, twisting or when kicking something that has a lot of resistance such as a heavy wet ball.

Bowen Therapy and the Treatment of Groin Strains

This Can usually occur as a result of a tilted or rotated pelvis, which can easily happen as a result of imbalances being setup by limping around with another injury, say to a knee or ankle.
The procedure used acts to release and relax the muscles attached to the pelvic frame to allow pelvic realignment and take the strain off the adductor muscles. This procedure is simple yet highly effective as a tool for addressing many conditions that occur within the pelvic area because of the holistic approach of the Bowen Technique. There is often talk of people having one leg longer than the other one. Indeed there is a condition whereby the limbs grow at different rates, but this is extremely rare and for most people the cause of an apparent difference in leg length is a tilted or twisted pelvis. The exceptions to this are where there has been surgery such as a hip or a knee replacement, or perhaps where there is wear on a joint. Most of us however do have a tiny difference of as little as one or two millimetres and this is unlikely to cause much concern.

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