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Wax in the ears is a common and easily treatable cause of deafness, discomfort, and sometimes noises in your ears (tinnitus).

Ear wax is produced by all of us. It only causes problems when it builds up, which may be due to over-production or difficulties in the natural clearance of the wax.

The cause is probably due to the Eustachian tube not working properly. The balance of fluid and air in the middle ear may become altered if the Eustachian tube is narrow, blocked, or does not open properly. Air in the middle ear may gradually pass into the nearby cells if it is not replaced by air coming up the Eustachian tube. A vacuum may then develop in the middle ear. This may cause fluid to seep into the middle ear from the nearby cells.

Some children develop glue ear after a cough, cold, or ear infection when extra mucus is made. The mucus may build up in the middle ear and not drain well down the Eustachian tube. However, in many cases glue ear does not begin with an ear infection.

You may notice a build-up of wax by:

  • Having increasing difficulty hearing
  • Pain in your ear or ears
  • Hearing a noise or ringing in your ears (tinnitus)
  • An awareness of something blocking your ears
  • Temporary deafness after swimming or having a bath or shower

The skin cells lining our outer ear canals include tiny glands, similar to sweat glands, which produce wax. The point seems to be that this acts as a protective layer, which traps dust and other particles which get into the ear. The wax slowly works its way to the outside, taking the trapped dirt and dust with it.

Most people's ears clear the wax, which probably comes off on our pillows and towels etc., at a rate which means that it does not build up. Some people may, at some stages in their lives produce wax at a faster rate. Other people have either one or both ear canals that is narrow, or that is at an angle which slows the natural passage of the wax. In these people the wax builds up.

The wax may eventually block off the ear canal all together. If this happens, hearing is reduced, and there is an increased likelihood that stagnation may lead to an infection building up behind the obstruction.

Bowen Therapy and the Treatment of Glue Ear

In the case of Glue Ear we are looking to drain the Eustachian Tube of the middle Ear. The Bowen Technique offers an excellent drainage procedure for use with this condition. It is used in conjunction with rebalancing the body especially the neck an jaw areas.

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