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The condition referred to as asthma has, over the last few years, grown to epidemic proportions, with people being diagnosed as asthmatic at the merest suggestion of a tight chest.

These clients are then given bronchial dilators and often steroids by their GP and spend the next few years inhaling these, wondering why they feel terrible. Obviously in many cases there are people who owe their lives to the availability of these drugs, but there are undoubtedly many more, possibly the majority, who don't need them and shouldn't be on them.

Causes of Asthma

There are many causes cited for asthma. Air pollution, stress, house dust mite faeces, central heating, double glazing, food additives, pesticides, vaccination. These are all possible factors that have been identified over the years, but as yet no-one has pointed the finger and no-one has come up with a cure. Little surprise given the amount of money that's involved in drug therapy but there are things that a client can do to help and even eradicate the symptoms of asthma.

The obvious include avoiding those things that exacerbate any symptoms, but a change in diet can often be very helpful. Dairy products - milk, cheese, yoghurt etc. - create a lot of mucus in the system, which combined with the use of bronchial dilators can cause big problems and eliminating dairy from the diet can be very beneficial. Anyone worried about calcium in dairy need not worry, as there is lots of available calcium in many oilier foods.

Bowen Therapy and the treatment of Asthma

The Bowen Technique offers a procedure specifically aimed at Asthma and respiratory related conditions. The procedure acts to encourage the lungs o expand an increase there function. This is done by manipulating the bodies triggers into releasing the bodies diaphragm. Part of the symptoms of Asthma is the spasm of the diaphragm pushing up into the lung space as in exhalation, but the diaphragm doesn't release there fore restricting the lungs capacity to inhale and fill with air again.
The Bowen moves over this diaphragm area are used to trigger a release of the diaphragm allowing complete inhalation again.

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In the Event of a Major Asthma Attack!

  1. Always call the emergency services immediately
  2. Remain calm as the victim will be very anxious
  3. In a full attack the person may not be able to breathe out at all

For further reading regarding The Bowen Technique and Asthma including research programs please vast (www.bowen-for-asthma.com) Alastair Rattray or (www.bowenasthmaresearch.co.uk) Nikke Ariff, Who are the two specialist leading pioneers in the field of Asthma and the Effects of Bowen.

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