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What is the Canine Bowen Technique?

The Canine Bowen technique was adapted and devised by Sally and Ron Askew. This husband and wife team trained in the Bowen Technique by Julian Baker, principle and founder of the European College of Bowen Studies where Jane trained also. Sally is founder and chief instructor of the Rainbow pet-dog training school, which aims to train with an holistic approach.
She is a member of the association of pet-dog trainers, a member of the pet-dog trainers of Europe and a member of the guild of Essential Oil Therapists for Animals.
Sally also has a degree in Small Animal Nutrition.

In 2002 Rainbow Pet-Dog training school started a study of the use of the Bowen Technique on dogs, as a result of the findings the Canine Bowen Technique was born.
Out of this came the European Guild of Canine Bowen Technique allowing Sally and Ron to pass on there endless knowledge of dog's and the effects of the Bowen Technique on them.

How the Treatment Works -

They provide workshops for the continual training of qualified therapists. It is also a qualification of entry onto this detailed and thorough course that all EGCBT practitioners be Human Bowen Technique qualified and hold a Diploma in human Anatomy & Physiology. This ensures the practitioner has a though knowledge of the Bowen technique and its effects. All training courses take a minimum of one year to complete and involves compiling twenty canine case studies.
Training covers a broad spectrum of subjects:

  • Canine Anatomy & Physiology taught by a specialist Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon
  • Static and Dynamic observations
  • Ailments and conditions
  • Care and management
  • Signs of good and bad health
  • Signs and Levels of canine stress
  • Understanding Canine body language and communication

The courses involves vets and others experts within their field relating to dogs.
This enables the practitioner to be highly competent and skilled.

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