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Ideally the dog will be treated in there own home in the surroundings they are comfortable and familiar with. The owner must be present at all times and it is beneficial to treat the dog in isolation from the distraction of other dogs they may live with. It may be necessary to see the dog walked, run gently and turned about on a lead prior to treatment, depending on the reason for the visit. Consultation time will be required before treatment starts witch will also give the dog time familiarise themselves with the therapist and be comfortable with them before the treatment starts.
The treatment itself my last twenty minutes or so depending on the dogs reaction. There are breaks between series of moves where the dog is left to quietly process the information received through the Bowen "moves". These breaks are the most important part of the treatment because it is at this time that the real healing begins. The Canine Bowen Technique is the tool the dog itself will heal given the time and space to do so.
Treatments are given at weekly intervals for approximately three treatments, during which time the Canine Bowen Technique will continue its work so long as the after care guidelines are adhered to. Your observations are vital to the healing process.

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