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Canine Treatments  

The Bowen Technique begins to take effect from the very first move.
Treatment must be delivered calmly and with care to allow the dog
to accept the therapist and the therapy.

The Bowen Technique works by the moves causing  vibration within the muscle which is detected by the neurological system "nerve endings".

These nerve endings - of which there are millions - then transmit there findings to the brain and it is the brains job to make sense of it all.
The brain is then "triggered" into "unravelling" abnormalities it has detected which is the key to the Bowen Technique.
The "unravelling" is done layer by layer and each individual brain and body must work at their own pace.

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The Treatment

Canine Bowen TherapyI will go though the canine consolation form with you to gain a profile of your dog, checking the details and comments on the veterinary referral form. The time spent will also give your dog the time and space to accept me.
I will asses your dog standing and moving around and if applicable gently walked, run up and down and turned about. I then run my handover the dog to continue my assessment and allow the dog to become used to me.

The treatment will take approximately twenty minutes but the dog will dictate the treatment and the pace of the treatment.
There will be breaks during the treatment in which time the real healing takes place.

I will leave you with aftercare support and advise, this is also available for download in the "Canine Appointments" section.

Canine Responses

Responses during a treatment may include

Going to a quiet corner and lying for a few minutes then retuning to the therapist

Looking at areas just worked or "triggered" by the therapist or even nibbling at them.

Yawning, licking an chewing.

The dogs coat eyes and skin may change during a treatment maybe the eyes becoming cloudy then clearing to sharp and bright and the coat can go dull and staring or even stripy! Generally the coat will be smooth by the end of the treatment and will continue to improve in lustre and texture during the week between treatments.

These are just a few of the responses a dog can show during a treatment. Often the dog will also know which side and where the next move should be! Treating animals is all about "listening" to them, which greatly maximises the effectiveness of the treatment.

You will be given aftercare advise for your dog which will include support to phone with any concerns, or to consult your veterinary surgeon.

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