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Canine Case Studies

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3 year old "Black Russian Terrier" dog

The description terrier is deceiving, this is in fact a giant breed and Boris very large!
He barks a lot at people is noisy, action seeking and insecure when other people are around. He barks insistently in the car especially when the indicators are on. When out walking in the park he barks at other people and dogs, especially if they are being noisy themselves. He is feed a prescription diet to relive skin problems and bladder stones.

Owners Comments            "Angela Dickenson"

Since I last saw you Boris has stopped barking in the car when there's just me, and hardly barks at all when more than one person in the car.
Doesn't even react to the indicators!

Last weekend we went to Hylands Park and there was a family fun-day going on - thousands of running children, bikes, joggers, horses and a huge steam-driven carousel.
Walked round through all this and he didn't bat an eyelid!
I never thought we'd be able to do that in a million years, in fact I've always avoided situations like this just in case he chased the bikes/children or barked in their faces..

It's had a knock-on effect on Mischa too, as he's not getting worried
about things, she's also stopped chasing bikes and joggers.

Same at home, he may bark at something but now I can get him to stop
Just thought you'd like an update

Many thanks, See you soon

Angela Dickenson

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5 year old Labrador

Sullivan had a terror of noise, loud traffic lorries, fire works and especially thunder storms. His owners had tried various ways to help Sullivan over this.
I was called in desperation as last resort! Sullivan is ninety one miles from me and his owners thought maybe I wouldn't be interested in travelling such a distance!
Sullivan had four treatments overall and although he was suspicious to begin with he was definite about the treatment he wanted. He enjoyed the treatment and on my last visit his greeting was happy and relaxed. He presented himself for a treatment and soon laid beside me and fell of to sleep! He allowed me to slide my hands gently here and there as is worked and he slept of the effect happily

Owners Comments            "Michelle and Stuart"

Hi Jane

I would like to thank you so much for your time and patience with Sullivan. It has been great to see him relax with you and enjoy his Bowen. We are very grateful that we have noticed an improvement in his recovery time after a noise has frightened him and hopefully this progress will continue.

Thank you again and we will keep you informed of any changes.


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8 year old "Lhasa Apso" bitch

Since becoming an adult, mini has always suffered with very oily smelly skin an discharging eyes. Her hair dresser owner bathed her weekly to keep her clean.
After just one canine Bowen technique treatment mini's eyes no longer discharged and they were brighter and clearer. Following a course of a further two treatments minis skin and coat stopped being oily and discharging and she became much pleasanter to be around!
She now 11 years old and has had regular top-up treatments every four to eight week, which has kept her looking this good

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2 year old cross breed

Severed three tendons in hind leg three months ago. Infection hampered recovery necessitating Peggy's exercise being severely restricted for two months. She has only been able to put her foot flat to the for the last month. Now during exercise she will suddenly stop sit down and hold the bad leg up, she will then run of seemingly ok. She always hops on the good leg not using the injured one when going up and down steps.
After the fist treatment Peggy stopped sitting and lifting her hind leg during exercise.
After the second treatment she was running up and down the steps with out the hop.
Peggy continues to use the injured leg normally

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10 year old Newfoundland.

Stiff in joints particularly in the hind limbs typical of large breeds. Maisie is a healthy weight and a fairly active dog. She was finding getting up and down difficult and was reluctant to do a trotting gate, happily walking or cantering.
Maisie received several treatments at weekly intervals and then several a monthly intervals which helped her maintain a good level of modality.

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18 month old Labrador.

Bess was stiff on her left side, mainly left fore limb lameness, over back and into left shoulder. She was stilted and disconnected in her movement. Otherwise Bess is a happy active dog.
Bess presented her left side only for treatment to start with and she was quite positive about this! She experienced a big reaction following the treatment as her body reconnected. She received four treatment overall, the font limb lameness disappeared and she became more supple generally improving her paces no-end. Her coat quality became softer and had a healthy sheen.

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