Imagery & Affirmations – Your Brain – How It Features!

The second mechanism in your neuro-anatomy for you to know about that you will be activating by your emotionalized photos and affirmations is: YOUR PSYCHO-CYBERNETIC System which features instantly like a THERMOSTATIC Management at the subconscious level. Revealing mind scans of your Psycho-Cybernetic management system monitored action exhibiting various “neural thermostats” that keep you functioning […]

Imagery & Affirmations – Brain Capabilities

Typical Mind ANATOMY AND Operate: Your Reptilian Mind is concerned with survival. Your Limbic Brain is largely anxious with feelings. Your neocortex (new brain) is anxious with habits and reminiscences. Your Prefrontal Cortex is involved with greater mind functions and increased states of consciousness. Your Hypocampus secretes chemical compounds which promote positive emotions. It will […]