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About Me

Jane is a fully insured Bowen Technique practitioner, and is a registered member IAATH, ECBS, ESEBT and EGCBT.

qualified practitioner in the Bowen Technique treating
People, Equines & Canine's.

Jane also practices & holds qualifications for:

Holistic Massage / ITEC - DIP (Anatomy & Physiology)

REIKI Healer

/ Intermediate Instructor

Basic First Aid for Appointed Person

Jane Thomas | Bowen Technique Practitioner



My initial studies to gain qualifications in the Bowen Technique spanned four years. Covering courses in people Bowen, equine Bowen and canine Bowen. Also the ITEC Dip in anatomy and physiology.

I found the time spent learning holistic massage and the Bowen Technique a great introduction to people.
It is through listening to people and their interaction with each other and their animals that has helped me to appreciate how holistic healing helps the animals that we live with so closely.
The connection is intertwined, healing humans and animals is an equally enjoyable and rewarding learning experience.
I set my heart on being an animal Bowen Therapist some time ago after reading extensively about its powerful therapeutic effects.
My Equine career was dogged by my suffering from hay fever and an allergy to horse's and asthma! Unfortunately I had no knowledge of the Bowen technique at that time, but my own experiences have certainly shaped the understanding I have today.

At a young age
I planed to work in the equine industry to indulge my passion.
I worked for all the necessary training to gain firstly the B.H.S.A.I exam
(as it was then! assistant instructor)  and then the BHS intermediate instructors certificate.
I thoroughly enjoy teaching riding and over the years my experience as a horse rider has taught me to experiment with my training technique for both horse and rider. This insight developed an interest in healing therapies and particularly The Bowen Technique.

All Bowen Technique Therapists must attend two days of related workshops each year to remain on the registers. So I am continuously updating and broadening my knowledge by attending two days of human related Bowen Technique workshop, two days Equine related Bowen Technique workshops and two days
of Canine Bowen Technique workshops per year.
Plus the Red Cross First Aid course which is retaken every three years and I am fully insured to treat humans, dogs and horse's.

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