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The Bowen Technique for Equines, Canines & People

Bowen holistic balance and healing based in Essex.

ESEBT European School of Equine Bowen therapyECBS European College of Bowen studiesEGCBT European Guild of Canine Bowen TherapyBHS British Horse SocietyITEC Intermediate Test and Evaluation Course
" The effect was miraculous. I felt tired and stiff after the initial treatments but the pain started to go. I have no idea how the therapy works and can only describe when being treated as being aware of 'something happening' akin to increased blood flow and awareness in the areas being treated.
There is no magic bullet, it takes time and I still have treatment every three weeks or so simply because it helps." READ MORE..
Colic | COPD | DJD | Strangles | Lameness | Spavins
Welcome to, Providing Holistic health care for People, Horses and Dogs.

"The Bowen Technique"

Is a light and gentle touch complimentary therapy, aimed to stimulate the nervous system and awaken the bodies own inherent healing ability.
Thus allowing the body and the technique to do the work.

We encompass other therapies and services inc, Reiki Healing, Holistic Swedish Massage.
As well as Equine Rehabilitation of Spoilt horses and Training of Horses and Riders.
Jane Thomas | Bowen Therapist
Jane Thomas
Canine Dog Bowen Therapy | Bowen for dogs
Canine Bowen
Bowen Technique | Bowen Therapy | Holistic Massage
The Bowen Technique
Holistic Massage
Equine Horse Bowen Technique | Equine Horse Rehabilitation
Equine Bowen Therapy Rehabilitation Services
Frozen Shoulder | Sciatica | Asthma | Sports Injuries
"Balance and feel for Horse and Rider"
"The best protection you and your horse can have is effective prevention"


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